About us

Huahua Culture Communication and Investment Co., Ltd

Huahua Culture Communication and Investment Co., Ltd(上海华桦文化传媒有限公司), founded in 2014, is an international full-industry chain comprehensive entertainment group integrating film investment and production, film and television equipment, online video platform and cinema line. It has subsidiaries in North America, Hong Kong and Africa, including Hua Hua Pictures, Hua Hua Technology and Hua Hua Media.

Hua Pictures has produced Godzilla 2, XXX 3, Transformers 5, and Star Trek 3, and released Arrival, Doraemon the Movie, PAW Patrol: Mighty Pups, Song of the Sea, And Heidi and Grandpa. As a key national cultural export enterprise, Hua Hua Pictures has distributed The Wandering Earth 2, my Country and I, IP Man 4, Detective Chinatown 3, Secret Mountains of Northern Tibet and other films worldwide.